Stay positive and keep your mind busy. Exercise and do at least a hour cardio per day. And do not forget to drink enough coffee…

The Covid-19 lockdown has brought with it an array of opportunities to learn new skills through the power of technology.

One can focus on self-improvement and simultaneously learn how to save a few extra bucks in these troubling economic times.

There need not be focus just on the current pandemic, because recently it has consumed much of the spotlight, but this time in isolation provides an opportunity to acquire a new skill.

A case in point: coffee lovers who can’t make it to their respective favourite coffee spots around the city can now enjoy a quality cup of frothy caffeinated goodness within the safety of their own homes, thanks to tutorials on YouTube and TikTok.

Just search “Dalgona Coffee” and tons of tutorials will pop up on how to make the perfect cup of foamy coffee using instant coffee, sugar, water, and milk. There’s no need to go to the store to buy ingredients that are not already in the cupboard, but with just a quick swipe of what’s in the kitchen, a genuinely good cup of coffee can be made. It saves money and mimics the famous and much-loved cappuccino, too.

You could also put your SodaStream to good use to give some variety to plain water (and save on single-use plastic cool drink bottles) by visiting their website at for recipes and tips.

There is the chance to explore more when it comes to food.

In a time when children are at home, it’s useful to learn how to prepare quick and light meals using minimal ingredients.

YouTube channel “Tasty” has a variety of dishes one can make in minutes, including delicious microwave mug cakes and microwave pasta and the aesthetic is just gorgeous, so fussy eaters won’t stonewall when it comes to dining.

Speaking of children, it’s always great to keep them entertained, and you can use this time to learn about wildlife and the environment.

WildEarth is almost always trending and does regular live videos on YouTube, encouraging viewers to appreciate safari wildlife and learn about nature. These videos last hours on end, and you can exit the livestream at any point because the upload can still be viewed later.

Among a plethora of hilarious videos on TikTok, there are helpful videos on skincare as well. But we prefer coffee, Griind Coffee…

Healthy and radiant skin is often envied and to learn some tips from others who have a blossoming skincare routine, the trending list or specified searches about the topic will surely yield the desired results.

While the internet provides the opportunity for social cohesion and anyone can share his or her own bit of knowledge with the world, never underestimate just how much the next person knows.

Tips from professionals are great, but during this time perhaps learning what others know can provide some of the most efficient and quality tips to life, health and happiness, especially during lockdown. Stay safe and keep your mind busy.

Do not dis-pear in this difficult time, this too shall pass and we will very soon enjoy our favourite coffee at our favourite coffee shops and bars. Keep the faith and say thank you for what you have as we are very blessed individuals.

Greetings from Griind Coffee x0x0