The reason why people love our Coffee is because it leaves you wanting more…

Griinding your way to perfect coffee…

Griind coffee was established out of passion and love… A passion to find that perfect cuppa and that feeling of love once you’ve found it. We are a small company operating from Pretoria but we have big dreams of supplying superior coffee beans to the market. Life is too short to drink bad coffee, so switch now and Griind your way to some good coffee. You will not regret this.

We’ve taken out some time to create that perfect blend. Griind Coffee is a wet, brown, woody, aromatic blend with a lemony impression. A great touch of Columbian, Ethiopian and Brazilian beans perfectly roasted to a medium blend that will leave you wanting more.

This blend is great with bean to cup machines for that smooth Cappuccino taste. As an espresso it tastes fruity but not overwhelming and it will tingle your taste buds. In a plunger the woody, aromatic flavors come through and this blend will leave you wanting more.
We are so excited about these beans and to bring this great taste to all.

If you are interested in tasting our beans please visit the online shop and get your Griind on.

You can also stock our Griind Coffee in your own store and or distribute to your network. Please get in touch with us to learn more about this great oppertunity and to get wholesale prices.

We appreciate your visit to our page and we want you to be part of the growth of the Griind brand in South Africa and all over the world.


Creating a coffee that give people pleasure when drinking it, is a goal that we here at Cabin Coffee strive to achieve. And to do that for Griind Coffee, it gives us here at Cabin Coffee such a great feeling and enjoyment. Coffee for us and for Griind is about connecting people and all about life’s little pleasures. Griind Coffee have such a smooth and flavoured coffee for everyone to enjoy, we here at Cabin Coffee will always recommend their amazing coffee to all coffee lovers.

Willie Fitzgerald, CEO of Cabin Coffee Pty Ltd.

I also had a cup of Griind Coffee. OMW this is good coffee.  Definitely a must taste and buy!

Faure Botha, Karos Wood & Aluminium

BEST! Coffee in town

Peter John Bishop, Director: Consulting Services at Sage

Definitely a winning bean. This coffee is beyond amazing.

Rudy Buys

Best Coffee ever! Get yourself a bag right now, you will not be disappointed!

Willem van Zyl

Griind Coffee has a distinct and delicious taste with the right amount of “kick”

Werner Wiese, Fuelarama

I’m a coffee snob and this coffee is awesome. Real fruity taste form the Arabica beans. Will be my only home coffee form now on.

Ian Austin, Ian Austin Photography

Great Coffee!

Francois Mills, Face Technologies

“Ek moet se, ek is regtig beindruk met die gehalte koffie wat van Griind Coffee af kom. Ons soek al vir jare na ‘n behoorlik, lekker koffie wat ek en my vrou van hou en ons hou stil by Griind. Ons beveel dit aan vir ons vriende en familie. Dis regtig lekker”

Johan Oosthuysen

“Daai koffie van jou is op standaard. Baie lekker”

Rynard Van Hoven, Van H Clothing

Rise and Griind

Order your Coffee before it gets cold.


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