We have great and exiting news at Griind Coffee this winter. The official Griind Coffee website launch will be on 21 June 2018. Please visit the website to get specials and to register your coupon code for referrals to get your free coffee. For every purchase through the website of more than 5 bags of Griind Coffee beans you will receive a exstra 250 gram bag of coffee for free. If you register your coupon code and your friends and family use this when they purchase online you will get in line to get a 1kg bag of Griind Coffee for free. 10 succesfull purchases per coupon code is needed to qualify. There is also Griind Coffee mugs and Griind Coffee plungers available. We also have a blog / news page that we will update as many times as possible every month with new things happening with Griind and in the coffee industry. Do not wait, get your Griind on this winter and visit the website now… Delivery of all products is either via the Courier Guy or pickup from Centurion / Menlyn.

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